Niece Wish String

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For the buy 5 get 1 free offer, purchase 5 Wish strings and we will send you another one for free! But 10 get 2 free and so on...You may also do a mix and match! We do lots of other Wish strings ( see our other listings). If you would like to take advantage of this offer purchase 5 of the same items and then add a message to your purchase specifying which Mix of strings you would like! ( they must all be the same price) thanks :-).

Brand NEW Niece wish string charm bracelet. Beautiful Tibetan silver charm on a black waxed cotton cord bracelet! Complete with a gorgeous gift card in cellophane. The legend says:


“Close your eyes and make a wish

as you tie this bracelet on your wrist

when the bracelet breaks in two

the wish you made might just some true"

Ask ❤️ Receive ❤️ Believe



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** please note: none of our jewellery is suitable for under 5’s, children wearing jewellery should be supervised at all times! **