wedding hangover kit
wedding hangover kit contents
wedding hangover kit favours
hangover kit wedding favours
personalised wedding favours
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personalised wedding hangover kit
Hangover survival kit wedding favours
Hangover survival kit wedding favours
Hangover survival kit wedding favours
Hangover survival kit wedding favours

Hangover survival kit wedding favours

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Personalised wedding hangover kit! These beautiful wedding favours come in kraft boxes measuring 9.5cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm. The boxes are filled with goodies (listed below) and are finished with a personalised sleeve of your choice (see all the images for the styles available). The sleeves are personalised with the Bride & Grooms name and the date of your special day! A contents list is included as follows: 

Hangover Kit.

Beanies Coffee: A much needed caffeine boost

Mint : Disguise last nights booze & this mornings coffee

Eraser: To rub out any embarrassing flashbacks

A Penny: So that you’re not penniless

Maoam Joystix: For a joyous, well craved sugar boost

Joke: To see the funny side even if you’re not feeling it!

Ear Plugs: So everything is a little quieter

Plaster: For any injuries caused on the dance floor

Love Heart : To say we love you & as a keepsake

Paracetamol: For the morning after the night before!


The kits comes flatpack with everything you need including instructions on how best to put it all together :-) However, for legal reasons, we are unable to include the paracetamol, so you'll need to add those in, or alternatively, if you don't want to include paracetamol at all, let us know in your message and we can remove it from the contents list :-). 


Please add a message to your order stating the details for your personalised sleeve and the style you would like (please note we are happy to do a mix of styles if you'd prefer, or if you would like something different, please message us first and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes where possible).


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